Air Tight Stash Grinder


The Air Tight Stash Grinder is an air-tight container with a built-in grinder in the chamber beneath. This allows you to store your herbs and spices in one place while grinding them fresh as needed. The grinder is made of plastic and can be used for both dry and wet ingredients. The airtight seal keeps your herbs and spices fresher for longer.

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Similar to the ‘Medtainer’ except more compact and with a rounded lid for portability. The stash grinder has an airtight locking closure keeping smells and freshness in and moisture out.

The main chamber is for storage and below that is a built-in grinder. Once ground, it is much easier to pour your herbs out than with a conventional grinder making it a smoother process, in particular when on the move.

Made out of food grade PET plastic ensuring it will last even with persistent use.