High-Grade Grinder


We have tried and tested most grinder models on the market and believe that the Balance High Grade metal grinder is the best available without spending over double the price.

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The Build

The Balance high grade grinder is made from anodized aluminium, CNC machined to create a smooth hard outer shell. The interior has an embedded cage of teeth which are first blasted to ensure they are ultra-smooth and then given a Teflon-like hard coating. This creates a razor sharp bed of teeth that repel sticky substances preventing a build up of residue on the blades. All herbs, damp, dry or solid are ground down to a fine product collected in the dropdown chamber underneath.


As with most similar design grinders, once ground the herbs fall into the  dropdown chamber below. Below that is a classic crystal catcher with a fine mesh filter, allowing only the most prized fragments to pass through. This section can be removed if desired to turn the high grade grinder into a three-piece, more slimline model.

The lid has our Life is Balance logo laser engraved onto the top and is fitted with a strong magnet to keep it secure for carrying around. Grip notches around the lid’s circumference give it the optimum torque for grinding even large quantities of herbs effortlessly.

Testing and Research

As with most of our products we tried a lot of different grinders with the goal of finding the best. Ultimately, we identified that the teeth of this design with the toughened coating provided optimum performance without switching the teeth to titanium and tripling the price.

Of course, we are still working with our suppliers to bring a premium titanium-toothed grinder to market at the right price point: watch this space.

Choose your weapon

Our High Grade Grinders are available in two sizes;

The 50mm classic, available in 5 different colours.

Or the larger 62mm beast, available in black.