Small Wooden Box


A basic wooden rolling box with built in Rolling V and secure clasp.



Our second generation of wooden boxes have been thoughtfully designed with typical sizes of smoking supplies in mind, to ensure no bent papers or kit stuck in at odd angles. This is the standard portable size and measures 17.5cm x 8.5cm x 8.5cm. Looks pretty on a shelf and can be easily tossed into a backpack.

It has no internal compartments so you can fit more into it and this allows you to fill it in whatever configuration best suits your supplies. Unlike many of the smaller size boxes there is space to fit plenty of skins, a grinder, lighter and a few other bits in.

If you want a bit more storage space then checkout our Large Wooden Box or if you’re happy with the size but want it packed full of goodies then have a look at our Small Box Set.

It has a built-in removable Rolling V so you can skin up either inside or outside the box, depending on local wind conditions and your need for discretion. The surface has a smooth wood finish and is varnished to help keep the wood protected. On top, our Balance logo has been laser engraved into the wood.