Metal Rolling Tray


Our original rolling tray – simplicity at its best.



The Balance metal rolling tray is produced using high-grade aluminium and finished with a matte black powder coat. We chose powder coating so that your tray will resist scratches and keep its Balance design bold and bright. Our metal rolling tray has a smart and simple design for those who want a no nonsense, efficient set-up.

Avoid the inconvenience or spilled herbs and tobacco on your coffee table. Instead, use the Balance rolling tray for a neat and tidy roll.

Our tray measures 32cm by 21.5cm, with a 2cm lip around the edge to prevent any loss of herbs when rolling. These dimensions have been chosen for our tray to ensure that it will fit neatly on your knees when rolling up, while easily accommodating all your essential rolling tools.

The Balance metal rolling tray has a sleek matte finish to ensure that it is easy to use and to clean. This brilliant piece of kit is a staple of any smoker’s set up.

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