Screenless Bowl


The screenless bowl is a custom product of our own design that improves on standard glass bowls used in most bongs.



Put a Lid on That

It may seem like a simple addition – but adding a lid onto your bowl makes a big difference. It means you can load it in advance and keep your herbs safe until you are ready to fire up. Plus, when the bowl is not in use, the lid helps to prevent the ash from creating a bad smell or, worse, spilling all over the carpet. Our lid is made from silicone, so it is fully heat-proof and smell-proof.

You can buy the Silicone Lid individually if you need a spare.

No Gauzes Required

The built-in glass sinter is an innovation developed in glassware for professional chemists that we have adapted. It works on a similar principle to the metal ‘Smoke Ring’ in our Refined Smoking Pipe, which is also screenless. The advantage of the built-in sinter is that you don’t need to waste time replacing metal gauzes. The glass sinter also makes it much easier to empty the bowl in between hits, as it is built into the bowl and cannot fall out. Finally, it is environmentally friendly, as gauzes are an energy-intensive product that aren’t normally recycled.


The arm gives the bowl a stable and natural standing position. This is especially useful when you have just had a hit and need to put the bowl down, as it helps prevent spilling of ash or even breaking a bowl when it falls over or rolls away. In addition to the added stability, when not in use the arm also frees up both of your hands to quickly and easily load the bowl or to clean it out.

The Screenless Bowl can be purchased as a standalone product and it also forms one component of our Balance Classic Bong.