Diffuser Beads


Diffuser beads turn a standard bong into a percolator.



We were amazed at how much difference this simple idea made to the smoothness of a bong hit. By transforming large bubbles of hot smoke into tiny ones, the increased surface area coming into contact with the cold glass and water, produces a much cooler, smoother hit.

These beads are made out of borosilicate glass and are designed to go into the bottom of your bong to add an extra obstacle for the smoke, turning any normal bong into a far more effective percolator.

Diffuser Beads can be purchased as a standalone product and they also form one component of our Balance Classic Bong.

Unlike other percolators bongs which can be almost impossible to clean, these beads can be simply emptied to give you easy access to the inside of the bong. Helping keep your bong looking pristine with every use. Especially easy if you’re using our Glass Cleaner.

Check out the comparison between a normal bong and one with beads in it. More bubbles makes a cooler hit and a cooler hit means a bigger rip!