Jet Flame Lighter


A powerful and reliable jet flame lighter.

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One of the best jet flame lighters we have found irrespective of price. It has a sleek finish in matte black rubber and a snap-lock lid. Zippo size, to fit snugly in your palm or pocket.

The triple tank means it rarely needs refilling, despite providing a reliable and powerful blue flame that can be tweaked at the side with the flame adjuster. The bottom of the lighter is translucent so you can see how much gas is left.

Having a jet flame lighter can be advantageous for a few reasons. Obviously it is wind-proof, which sometimes is an absolute must. You can also point the flame directly downwards. This means the lighter is great for lighting candles, bongs or camp fires. The flame intensity also makes it a lot easier to set something ablaze. We’ve even heard of people using these lighters to heat up their dab rigs at a push!