Carbon Filters


A pack of ten filters each full of activated carbon. Used for all things filtration, this amazing material soaks up many harmful elements from smoke, producing a smoother and cooler smoke.

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What is Activated Carbon?

The activated carbon serves several purposes.

It creates a physical barrier preventing bits of herb and ash getting past.

The extended route smoke has to take around each piece of carbon drastically reduces the temperature of the smoke, making it much smoother.

Finally it soaks up many harmful elements such as tar and other harmful impurities from the smoke.

The carbon filters are 35mm long and 8mm wide. They are generally used in a pipe such as our Refined Smoking Pipe but can also be used as an oversized roach, especially good for blunts or extra long rolls. 

Each one can be used up to 3 or 4 times and they come in a pack of 10. Once you have used them you very quickly feel the difference of filtering your smoke. If you cut one open after a few uses you can see the considerable build up of tar that you would have otherwise been inhaling.

Give them a try for a much smoother, more pleasant smoke.

They are also designed to fit into our Refined Smoking Pipe, removing the need for papers at all.